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We are a small team of senior people. All of us have many years of experience in branding and consulting. We have a deep bench of resources around the globe, ranging from experts in markets and disciplines, to teams of financial, research and creative people.

We know branding inside out. We have done everything you need to build a brand, reignite an existing brand, transform brand portfolios, take brands in new directions, or create new brands from scratch.

We love hard data. We like analysis. We ground our recommendations in facts and figures, so you can take the brand decisions which will grow value the most and get them accepted by senior leadership and the board.

We help you create brands which have the power to move people, by infusing them with the creativity which is the oxygen for growth. We are analysts and story-tellers. Through words, through illustration, through multimedia, and use of video, we transform strategy to emotion.

With us, you can make your brand the catalyst for innovation. Following the brand’s North Star can guide you to imagine and select the innovations that will bring you future leadership.

We are practical. We can help you map the path from your brand’s present to its future, recommending the concrete actions to be taken across every part of your business, from marketing to operations to R&D.

We are outcome driven. We are relentlessly focused on helping you devise, create and implement brand solutions that will create competitive advantage and drive Brand Alpha.

We have worked across many different organizations: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, large, small, public, private and not-for-profit. We have experience in just about every industry you can think of—from cleaning and beauty products, snacks and beverages, to technology, financial and professional services, to energy, agriculture, and healthcare.

The Presciant Team

We are committed to delivering actionable results with a strong business rationale, in a fast and nimble manner, with the highest level of quality.

You will get your most difficult questions answered, set your brands up for the future, and prioritize investments, to deliver financial results.


Joanna Seddon Bio Photo
Managing Partner
Joanna Seddon
Nikhil Gharekhan Bio Photo
Managing Partner
Nikhil Gharekhan


Visual Identity Design
Cristiano Andreotti
Brand Strategy & Story Telling
Bob Kahn
B2B & B2C Market Research
Cara Berry
Lisa Merriam Bio Photo
Content Marketing
Lisa Merriam
Jennifer James
Digital Design
Jennifer James
Ove Haxthausen
Brand Valuation
Ove Haxthausen
Story Telling
Jennifer Scott
Brand Naming
Jonathan Bell
Business Strategy
Howard Weinberg


Sarah Colamarino Staff Page Photo
Sarah Colamarino
Professional Services
Ian Duncan
Financial Services
Susan Avarde


Brand Valuation - UK
Peter Young
James Hindhaugh Bio Photo
Brand Strategy – Europe
James Hindhaugh
Brand Strategy – Asia Pacific
Cao Hu (Tiger)


Jason Farr Bio Photo
Implementation Specialist
Jason Farr

Junior Team and Interns

Our Network

We believe that the future of marketing services is networked. It is about the coming together of teams of highly experienced, highly skilled senior people from different disciplines to serve specific client needs.

A network of 35 independent agencies driving brand reputation and influencing outcomes on behalf of clients while also putting diversity, equity and inclusion at the center of everything we do.

Jennifer Risi, Founder and President, is a seasoned communications executive with more than 15 years of experience in international reputation, strategic global media relations, CEO positioning, change management and crisis communications. She is also an expert in nation branding – having led award-winning global campaigns for Mexico, Colombia, USA, and Indonesia. Her clients are CEOs and Heads of State the world over.

Table of Content is an independent creative, design, and production company that enables companies to tell a good story.

More nimble and cost-effective than large, service-based agencies, and more experience than content studios and production shops, we are an experienced team who leads the entire creative development and production process, from strategic development to creative ideation and concepts through production, direction and editing for distribution across all touch points of a customer’s journey.

seven brands logo

Seven Brands is an international marketing consultancy specializing in high growth markets across Europe, Africa, Asia and The Middle East.

We specialize in creating, marketing, communicating, and implementing international brands that appeal to multicultural audiences, bringing international insight, local understanding and on the ground technical expertise. We work with international brands on the localization of their brands for Africa, Asia and the Middle East. And we work with local companies in EMEA and beyond seeking to develop world class brands.

People are the key to irresistible, high value change, not process.  We help diverse leaders to confidently sharpen, shape & secure their vision & purpose.  Successful enterprises never undervalue the stakeholders who make this possible – with them on board, the remarkable becomes achievable.

Joined by partners who share a similar commitment to success, Founder David Lang Levitt has been making high value change irresistible to global client teams for over 40 years. We design & deliver customised, measurable stakeholder engagement programs to unleash their confidence & capabilities.

Our experience is shaped by many years in every global market, acquiring an appreciation of different cultures and talent, in advertising & marketing communications engaging with practically every business sector, including our own start-ups.

Our partnership with Presciant significantly enhances the performance of clients’ brands.

Parallell logo

Parallell Advisors is a marketing and organization advisory firm, with international blue chip experience, combining a strategic and hands-on approach.

We work with corporations and investors to sustain their growth and create value for their customers, employees and shareholders. Our objective is to help our clients clarify their business vision, maximize value creation from their intangible assets, leveraging marketing, organization and corporate culture. Our team of senior professionals brings 20+ years of extensive experience from a wide range of industry sectors both in B2B and B2C.

Kotler Marketing Group China provides international strategic marketing services to clients through Asia.

The company has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing with a staff of over 50 senior marketing consultants. The company consults on business strategy, marketing and branding, growth strategies, and innovation planning. Kotler has served over 100 companies including AVIC International, TCL Group, China Resources Group, Skyworth Group, Shanghai General Motors, Ping An Group, China Merchants Group, Baosteel, Bank of China , Baidu, Tencent, China Yutong, Yiling Pharmaceuticals, CALB energy cells, and many others.

Basc partners logo image

Basc Partners is an insight-led marketing consultancy, offering a comprehensive range of research, strategy and creative services.

We believe that creative should be grown from strategy, and that strategy should be seeded by insights. Basc Partners combine insight, creativity, data and client-side business acumen to help brands and businesses nurture growth. We are creative thinkers, storytellers and realists, with outstanding analytical skills to help you simplify complex concepts to chart a path to growth.

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