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We urgently need to rethink brand-building and reinvent marketing as the growth engine of businesses.

We live in a world in crisis, a world that has been reshaped by the pandemic, climate change the call for social justice, and now war. In this new environment, companies are under increasing scrutiny. From consumers who want to know how the products they buy are made. From investors who are shifting their investments to companies with ESG credentials. From employees who only want to work for companies that share their values. From communities who will rise up against companies they don’t approve of coming into their neighborhood.

This has put the spotlight on brands. Brands have never been more important—they embody what the company stands for. Their value and contribution to the business has been growing dramatically. Brands now generate, on average, a third of company financial value. Expectations from brands are soaring. Marketing has to rise up to meet them.

And yet, marketing is in turmoil. Marketers are at the bottom of the executive heap, trusted least, with lowest tenure, and the first to have their budgets cut. It is largely marketing’s fault. Marketers have failed to keep up with the times, to demonstrate the financial impact of what they do, adapt to changing customers, and operate in a digital-first world.

CEO’s top priority is growth. That, in fact, is marketing’s job. We urgently need to reinvent marketing as the growth engine of businesses. That is what Presciant is here to help you do.

Latest News & Commentary

Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies
Collaborated with author, Jim Stengel supporting him in providing the  unprecedented empirical  research for his seminal book on brand purpose

Unleashing the Innovators: How Mature Companies Find New Life with Startups

Supported authors Jim Stengel & Tom Post in conducting a first-of- its-kind research to provide a  rigorous underpinning to the book and give added power to its conclusions.

Brand Value Management: How to Create and Manage Valuable Brands
By our Brazilian partner, Eduardo Tomiya, a guide to brand valuation and performance metrics (soon to be translated from Portuguese)

The Brand in the Boardroom: How Ogilvy & Mather reinvented The Marketing Principles of Brand Valuation

Journal of Advertising Research

Linking brand to business financials: How brand valuation has helped DuPont unlock the value of its portfolio
Journal of Brand Strategy

Firms that build brand value will be recession survivors

How to measure design’s contribution to business growth

Going upstream to capture big groups’ full value
The Financial Times

Building Brands through IMC
Integrated Brand Marketing and Measuring Returns. Kitchen, Philip ed.

Returns on brand investments: maximizing financial returns from brand strategy
Handbook on Brand and Experience Management. Schmitt, Bernd H., and David L. Rogers

How Strong Global Brands Create Lasting Value
The Global Brand. Hollis, Nigel, 2010 Contributed the chapter on brand valuation and linking the brand to financials for this book.

Brands as Drivers of Intangible Value
The Brand Bubble.
Gerzema, John and Ed Lebar
Contributed the financial input to the book based on the Brand Asset Valuator.

Super Bowl, Super Score:  How advertising in the big game pays off for brands

Events & webinars

Marketing Hall of Fame

The Marketing Hall of Fame is the only award which recognizes brilliance in  innovation across the marketing profession as a whole. 7 years ago, it was radically revitalized and reinvented by some of the partners at Presciant. The process and event were streamlined and contemporized along principles of inclusivity, transparency, democracy and accountability.

Marketing Hall of Fame: Bringing the Future Forward

Facing the future with brilliant marketing is more important now than ever—and more challenging. A live global discussion on the future of marketing with past Marketing Hall of Fame inductees, featuring some of the legends of marketing including Adobe EVP / CMO Ann Lewnes, Ogilvy Chairman Emeritus Shelly Lazarus, Author Seth Godin, and former P&G CMO Jim Stengel.

Click here to see The Marketing Hall of Fame Speak: Bringing the Future Forward, a virtual event starring some of the world’s most brilliant marketers.

Brand in the Boardroom

How to turn brand valuation on its head to generate greater business value. ANA Financial Brand Management Conference, ANA Brand Masters, and 4As Platinum Forum.

BrandZ Top 100

Keynote Speaker at multiple WPP BrandZ Launch Conferences for the BrandZ Top 100 Ranking of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, launched in partnership with Financial Times, and coming out every year since 2006.

Marketing Impact: How to Drive Fame & Fortune

Panel at IPA’s EFF Week. Provocative thoughts from Peter Field, Rory Sutherland, Joanna Seddon and others on the perils of short-termism, tech stack and attribution model, behavioral science, and demonstrating marketing’s impact in the boardroom. London

Does the CMO Have a Future?

The marketing department is in a state of upheaval, yet brand & marketing have never been more important. So what is going on? An urgent need to redefine marketing as the growth engine of businesses. The Executive Forum

Creativity – What is it good for?

Eileen Campbell & Joanna Seddon dared to stand up on the main stage at Cannes, and present the case for measuring creativity. Full Session, The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Future of Marketing Roundtable
Moderated and subject matter expertise provided by Nik Gharekhan. Hosted by OnConference

Building Brand Equity: New Rules and Challenges in a Global Marketplace
Presentation by Nik Gharekhan at Corporate Image & Branding Conference, Conference Board

Getting a Return on Your Brand Investments
Presentation by Nik Gharekhan at Corporate Image & Branding Workshops, Conference Board

Nurturing Brand to Deliver ROI and Create Value
Presentation by Nik Gharekhan at DMDays Conference

From Selling to Serving: A Dialogue on Marketing Today

Live webinar with Joanna Seddon, Hap Klopp, ex-CEO of North Face, and John Grant, writer and green marketing expert. Hosted by Mandalah, on purpose-driven growth in the time of Covid-19.

Level Up with Winnie Sun: Level Up Your Branding

Appearance on Winnie Sun’s TV show for the Nasdaq channel, which takes a fresh look at the cultural and social impacts of one of the most feared topics today…money..

Who do they think they are?  Designing the business around customers
Economist Conference, London

How Top Brands Build Shareholder Value
ANA Financial Management Conference

Best Brand Builders
B50 Brand Leaders Forum, New York

Building the Case for Olympic Sponsorship:  An Innovative Approach to ROI
The ARF Conference

The Marketing Director and the Board:  Proving how marketing creates shareholder value
The Economist Annual Marketing Directors Summit

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