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Unleash Your Brand –
Transform Your Financial Future

Presciant helps companies unleash the power of their brands to drive revenue, increase profit and sustain competitive advantage.

Our research has indicated that brand is a source of financial value whose full potential is often untapped.

Talk to us to answer the most important questions about the potential of your brand:

What should your brand stand for, to realize its best future?

Should we change our name? Does our visual identity need updating?

What is the optimized brand architecture to increase sales?

How does your brand measure up vs. competitors?

How to make the right strategic brand decisions pre and post M&A?

How to make a case for investment in brand marketing?

Brand has the power to deliver Alpha, the financial edge every company seeks.


Joanna Seddon appointed as New MASB CEO Determined To Elevate Role of Marketing

Joanna Seddon, our managing partner, was just appointed CEO of MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, and her vision is to elevate marketing to its rightful position
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CMTO? A title that diminishes the value of brand and marketing

As more companies abolish CMO titles, the CMTO title gains more praise. However, this shift is creating more harm than good for marketing's future.
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Using Brand to Reinvent the Traditional Law Firm

The law industry is changing like never before. As new trends in legal services emerge and firms become more client-centric, traditional law firms are poised in a precarious position: Transform or decay.
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Find out how we can help you create Brand Alpha

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