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Building Brand Alpha One Year On! We are thrilled that we’ve been able to support so many companies in building Brand Alpha—unlocking the power of brand to achieve the financial edge over competitors that everyone seeks.

We started Presciant in the middle of the pandemic because we saw that there was an urgent need to rethink brand building and reinvent marketing as the growth engine of businesses. A year on, looking out to a reshaped future world, we believe the need is even greater. The stable world as we knew it has gone. Time is no longer linear. We are now in an era of ebb and flow and constant change. We have entered an age of discord where we are hit with the consequences of complacency. It is neglect of global health policy leading to viruses spiraling into pandemics. It is inequality leading to social justice movements. It is disregard for the environment leading to climate change. Constant instability, uncertainty and crises are our new reality.

As Presciant, we have redoubled our resolve to help companies think ahead, to position their brands and reshape their businesses to fit with changing demands and grow financial value in this new future. We are here for you whether you are a brand, a partner, or want to join our team. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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