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Some of the team’s client experience:

Building Brand Value

Making brand decisions in M&A

Naming & brand strategy recommendations adopted by the CEO, CFO and Board

Supported the CEO, CFO and Board in determining how to brand and name the 3 businesses being created as a result of the $160B DowDuPont merger.

Quantified the impact of different brand options on future revenues and shareholder value of each business.

The Dow name was selected for the chemicals business, DuPont for advanced materials, and a new brand, Corteva, created for the agriculture business. Each was IPO’d in summer 2019.

Optimizing the brand portfolio

Brand priorities have been set, portfolio investment focused, spurring growth.

Addressed the complexity of the SC Johnson cleaning products portfolio, which had fragmented into 86 different brands globally and disadvantaged the company against competitors.

Took a portfolio, not a product-centric approach. Mapped brands against demand spaces, and assessed the potential of each to win.

Priority brands were identified, their strategic roles defined, and spend allocated according to the new parameters. Growth has accelerated and SC Johnson is gaining share.

Creating a brand leader from scratch

New agriculture company name and brand have been  successfully IPO’d.

Supported senior leadership in creating a completely new brand for the merged agricultural businesses of Dow and DuPont. The opportunity was to create the future global leader in agriculture.

Led brand strategy development starting with internal interviews, research among farmers across 12 countries, competitor analysis, company purpose, values and positioning, and financial analysis. Developed a galvanizing purpose “To enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, today and for generations to come.” Created all the elements needed for a new brand, including name, visual identity, brand architecture, creative platform, communications & messaging, responsibility platform, EVP, brand launch assets, and measurement system.

The Corteva brand is gaining momentum, and now stands for “Growing Progress” across 200 global markets.

Migrating brands post-acquisition

The brands were brought closer together, benefiting both, and cementing BlackRock’s industry leadership.

Developed a strategy for achieving Larry Fink’s objective of building one BlackRock following the acquisition of iShares, a very strong brand with consumers.

Applied a quantitative approach with research among investors across BlackRock’s top 4 global markets, to quantify the financial upside and downside of different degrees of brand relationship.

The unexpected strength of the BlackRock brand among consumers has allowed a gradual transition of the iShares brand closer to BlackRock.

Creating a new brand-building framework

Inspired the transformation of brand-building at P&G and beyond.

Provided the CMO with the ammunition to modernize the company’s brand-building framework to stimulate growth.

Conducted a seminal study to measure which brands have built the most financial value over time, then did a deep-dive to uncover the brand building practices that drove the success of these brands. The result was a set of universal brand building principles, driven by Purpose.

The principles have been used to inspire and guide the future of marketing at P&G and beyond. Purpose has been accepted as the secret to successful brand building by marketers everywhere.

Global marketing budget allocation

New marketing budget allocation process has shifted investment to drive future growth.

Transformed the annual marketing budget allocation process for IHG’s large portfolio of brands and markets to introduce a transparent, consistent and brand-centric approach.

Designed a customized brand financial model to measure and compare each brand by market on the metrics most critical to growth. Scenarios were run to come up with the optimal allocation.

The model has been applied to shift budget distribution towards the brands with the greatest potential and/or the greatest need, and is used as the foundation of the annual budgeting process.

Creating a new brand architecture

A new brand name, positioning and architecture have created a much more powerful integrated B2B business.

Created a new customer-centric brand architecture and portfolio strategy, following the integration of 5 previously separate B2B businesses.

Identified how businesses naturally group in their attitudes and purchase decisions, and analyzed the financial needs of each segment, by conducting the first-ever piece of research and analysis across businesses of all sizes.

Reconfigured the portfolio of products and solutions to fit with customer needs and goals, developed a consistent naming & nomenclature system, recommended product innovations, and rebranded the B2B business.

A new approach to brand measurement

The system has been taken up by senior management and used to guide investment strategy not only in marketing, but across the entire customer experience.

Modernized and elevated how brand is measured for Workday. Created a measurement model designed to leverage the brand to the full and optimize marketing investment.

Rooted in quantitative research into the brand’s success in shifting perceptions and purchase behaviors, the model goes far beyond. It quantifies the financial value created by the brand and identifies opportunities to drive incremental revenues and profits. Forward-looking scenarios enable Workday to gauge the business impacts of different brand investment strategies.

The output is recommendation of the spend levels, and investment priorities which will deliver maximum brand equity and business growth with highest returns.

Brand valuation to drive innovation

Innovation priorities reset in line with the future energy transition.

Used brand valuation to exploit the opportunity for disruption created by the move to new types of fuel.

Working with BP fuels marketing teams and technologists around the world, created over 144 concepts for future fuels. Screened them against financial, operational and brand criteria.

BP put a prioritized set of new fuels products into R&D, based on their potential to drive brand and business value and generate ROI, with the first concepts rolled out in key markets.

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