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Full-time Undergraduate Intern

Avani Vasudevan

Avani is currently an undergraduate rising junior at New York University. She is majoring

in mathematics and minoring in psychology. Avani joined Presciant in January 2022. Previously she has worked as a sales associate in Wilmington, Delaware, volunteered with children at the Boys and Girls Club of America, was an assistant teacher at her school’s aftercare programs, and has worked at the reference desk at her local public library. In her free time, you can find Avani taking long walks, doing crossword puzzles, and being outdoors with friends.



Talanta Global Interns

Shemei Agabo
Shemei Agabo is a multimedia storyteller who enjoys telling stories in unconventional ways. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Digital Journalism at the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications in Nairobi, Kenya. Agabo is a consulting communications intern at Presciant, where he will analyze market trends and competitors, design and analyze market research, and develop strategic recommendations.





Olgah Atellah
Olgah Atellah is a master student undertaking Master of Arts in Digital Journalism at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi Kenya. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, with Information and Technology. Olgah is a global expert in Data research, brand valuation  and measurement. Before joining Prescient she was a Data Expert with the Organized Crime Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) who  participated in Suisse Secrets and Pandora Paper.





Jared Ontobo
Jared is currently a second-year Master of Arts in Digital Journalism Student at the Aga Khan University-Graduate School of Media and Communication in Nairobi Kenya. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication & Journalism, a diploma in Television Production, and a diploma in Strategic Management and Certificate in Business Communication Skills. Jared is an experienced and prolific Multmedia Senior Producer & creative Director with a firm grasp in news production, videography, editing and scripting. He has vast experience in news production having worked in a busy and reputable media organization  at (KTN News -The Standard Group PLC) located in Nairobi Kenya for the last 12 years.


2022 Summer Interns

Brittany Barnes
Brittany graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Strategic Communications and Political Science with an emphasis in law and politics. Brittany is currently at New York University getting her Masters in Integrated Marketing with a concentration in Marketing Analytics. Brittany has a background in digital marketing working with musicians on their strategy, social media, and branding. She loves bringing her marketing skills learned from school and work to the music industry with the goal of changing how musicians market themselves.

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys fitness, especially competing in CrossFit and skiing. She also enjoys pop culture and staying up to date with social media trends.



Sidharth Sharma
Sid is currently a Junior at Vanderbilt University pursuing degrees in Economics, Computer Science, and Spanish. While at Vanderbilt, he has been involved in a number of business-related organizations around campus including the Vanderbilt Finance Club, the Vanderbilt Investment Club, and the Vanderbilt Finance Development Program. Sid also spends time pursuing economics research, working at the university’s library, and tutoring in English. Outside of work, Sid enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and traveling.




Gia Bhutani
Gia Bhutani attends Millburn High School in New Jersey. She plans to pursue an undergraduate program that combines her keen interest in Business and Technology. Gia qualified for the Worlds Championship in VEX Robotics. She is also a Soprano with New Jersey Youth Chorus. Gia was awarded the Presidential Service Award in 2021 for contributions to non-profits in the areas of Education and Technology.









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