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The creation of a new leading agriculture company out of the assets of Dow and DuPont brought together hundreds of brands and businesses. The challenge was to unify them and inspire employees, farmers, distributors, investors and regulators all around the world.

Our team led the brand strategy development, starting from global research across 12 countries, competitor, market future trend and financial analysis.

The most critical part of the work was the creation of a powerful brand positioning and purpose. The insight—agriculture is the foundational industry, the springboard for economic growth and the development of society. This led to the positioning, ‘Growing Progress,’ and a brand purpose which has been enthusiastically adopted by the CEO and the whole company: ‘To enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume.’

We named the new company Corteva: ‘Cor’ for heart and ‘Teva’, an ancient word meaning ‘all nature.’ We created all the elements needed for the new brand—from visual identity to brand experience, and launched it across global markets, from North America, to Argentina and Brazil, to Ukraine and Russia, Germany and France.

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