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Nationwide has set up an incubator for startup businesses that are direct-to-consumer, purely digital, and attract younger audiences. One of the first was a financial app to help people get out of debt—and stay out of debt.

We used research to help define the target. Jessica, even though she has lots of debt, still wants to enjoy her life. We developed a brand positioning—’Balancing today and tomorrow’, and created a name, Nimbl, which suggests agile step by step decisions.

This had to be signaled through a differentiated digital brand identity. The starting point for identity development was the idea of financial well-being. The design strikes a balance between the attributes of the finance and wellness sectors.

The logo, with its ‘slider’ icon, references adjusting your finances to reach your personal financial goals. The typeface is recognizable and easy to read while also approachable and human. The color palette combines a mix of colors commonly attributed to the world of finance and the world of wellness. The playful illustrations create a sense of energy and optimism.

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