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DuPont was spinning off its historic $7 billion global chemicals business. This raised the question of how the new company should be branded. Should it have a name linked to DuPont? E.g. DuPont Performance Chemicals. Or a completely new name? How should it be positioned and differentiated from competitors? How should it go to market?

Our team analyzed 10,000 past spin-offs. This demonstrated that a new name would generate greater shareholder value. A new brand positioning, ‘A Catalyst for Better’, encapsulating the idea of working together with customers to shape the future of chemistry, provided the direction for creation of a new corporate name—Chemours.

Why Chemours?

CHEM – immediately and unapologetically highlights chemicals and chemistry as the company’s core strengths

OURS – creates a clear connection with customers and employees i.e. belonging to use, signifying a new customer-centric values and behaviors

CHEMOURS – heritage: the whole name gently echoes E.I. DuPont de Nemours, still the official name of DuPont, with great meaning for internal audiences

The Chemours name is gaining awareness and building a stronger reputation among opinion leaders than competitors.

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