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The impact of Covid and the Great Resignation have created hiring shortages across every type and size of business, from restaurants to tech. This has elevated the importance of talent branding. A talent brand articulates what a company stands for as an employer and its promise to current and future employees.

We support you and your HR team in the development of a powerful and inspirational talent brand that:

  • Translates your brand purpose and positioning into a proposition for employees
  • Leads qualified candidates to choose to join you over other opportunities
  • Motivates employees to stay and grow with you, and work towards achieving your objectives
  • Encourages employees to retain a connection with you when they leave and recommend you to others

How do we do this? We:

  • Conduct research to determine what employees and recruits want
  • Identify the best of what you offer as a place to work
  • Create a unique talent brand idea and articulate an inspiring EVP
  • Bring it to life creatively in all employment communications

Creating a compelling talent brand brings multiple business advantages, and helps you build an all-star team with a roster of the most talented individuals providing a competitive advantage within your industry.

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