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It is difficult to get marketing budgets, and in particular brand budgets, funded to the right level. They are often the first to be cut. But if you provide a strong financial rationale, you can change this.

We can arm you with a strong business case to get marketing budgets approved:

  • How much to spend
  • How to split it between long-term and short-term
  • How much to invest in brand-building vs. demand generation
  • How to allocate investment across your different businesses, product segments and markets
  • The ROI from different budget options
  • Timing and duration of investment

How do we do this? We:

  • Work with your finance team to gather data historical and forecast data
  • Do the same for major competitors using external sources
  • Agree the appropriate level to segment the analysis
  • Create a model using financial, brand and customer data
  • Run scenarios
  • Enable you to choose the option that will grow sales and deliver ROI, while being realistic

By speaking the language of finance, we can help transform the company’s view of marketing budgets from a cost to an investment, and get the right decisions made.

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