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Brand is one of the most valuable assets of any business. It needs to be put to work to generate value and held accountable for the results. We are huge proponents of brand measurement, and of brand valuation as a measurement tool.

We can help you implement brand measurement that:

  • Elevates management of your brand to best practices
  • Measures where your brand is now—the what
  • Pinpoints the sources of brand strength and weakness—the why
  • Identifies the actions that will improve brand performance—the how
  • Provides a bullet-proof rationale for recommendations

How do we do this? We:

  • Conduct a baseline measurement of where the brand is now
  • Identify and rank the drivers of the purchase decision
  • Benchmark brand performance versus competitors
  • Measure quantitative and perceptual brand attributes
  • Link to business financials using accredited brand valuation techniques
  • Set up a repeatable system which you can use to measure progress
  • Design a dashboard and infographics for communicating to senior management

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