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It is easy to get hung up on naming. Names have a powerful emotional impact. People look for names they “like.” But it’s not about your likes and dislikes. It’s about what works strategically. Names play an important strategic communications role.

We guide you through the possibilities and pitfalls of name development, to provide you with names that:

  • Reflect your business strategy and brand positioning
  • Are distinct
  • Are easy to pronounce
  • Have no negative associations
  • Are available for trademark registration
  • Capture the full scope of your offering
  • Provide flexibility for future growth

How do we do this? We:

  • Create a clear set of naming criteria
  • Develop hundreds of names
  • Run them through preliminary screening
  • Share them with you, iterate them, develop more
  • Put short lists through legal and linguistics checks
  • Present a short list from which you can select

Naming is led by our team of naming, creative and linguistic experts around the world, welcoming input from inside your organization. We work with your counsel on legal checks.

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