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Visual identity is the signal that brings brand propositions, architecture, and naming to life. Nothing is as powerful as a picture.

Taking the insights and analysis, and the brand purpose and positioning as inspiration, our creative team will come up visual identity options for you that:

  • Reflect your culture, ambition and strategy
  • Stand out from the flock
  • Signal the changes you are making
  • Create consistency across your communications
  • Resonate emotionally
  • Bring data to life visually
  • Are practical and easy to apply across digital and physical touchpoints

How do we do this? We:

  • Explore a refresh of the visual identity to align with the new brand story
  • Develop a toolkit of visual elements that provide a cohesive framework for all materials and communications
  • Apply the visual identity system to representative priority communications and material applications for launch
  • Implement and activate the new identity across communications and experience

At Presciant visual identity excellence is our pride. With a strong commitment to craft, we always push the boundaries of creativity to shape how people connect with brands, emotionally and rationally.

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