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Too often people outside marketing equate branding with logos and design. Design is not brand; it is what draws attention to the brand. Brand is an idea, the North Star of the company. It’s about the future. It shows the way to go.

We help you crystalize your purpose, the reason why your business exists, and communicate the benefits it offers through a compelling brand positioning. This gives people a reason to want to engage with you:

  • Talent—a reason to want to join you, work hard and stay with you
  • Customers—a reason to select you over competitors and keep coming back
  • Investors—a reason to put their money behind you
  • Governments and regulators—a reason to support you
  • Suppliers and partners—a reason to want to do business with you

How do we do this? We:

  • Create the framework for inspiration, from data on the future environment, the brand’s audiences and current and future competitors
  • Absorb what is special about the culture and the brand
  • Review the future business strategy of which the brand is the external expression
  • Involve business leaders in crafting the purpose and positioning

Purpose is incredibly important. Younger generations are intensely purpose driven. Having and living a strong brand purpose is essential for you to be relevant.

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