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David Lang Levitt, Internal Brand Transformation, Presciant

Successful change will impact culture just as much as culture will either embrace or reject change.

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Joanna Seddon, Managing Partner, Presciant
Nikhil Gharekhan, Managing Partner, Presciant

“Now that brands are judged by their behavior, the corporate brand and its reputation is more important than ever before.
Make sure that the purpose is reflected in every aspect of the business, from who you hire and how much you pay them, to what you make, what you do, and what you say.
Look beyond customers and investors. Think of your audiences as people not as roles. Add society and community to the key audiences for your brand. Understand how all stakeholders, internal & external, create value for your business and how you can add value to their lives. Tailor your messages accordingly.” 


75% of major change programs all risk failure due to a lack of commitment

To ensure that changes you make in your brand’s purpose, organization, operations, and go-to-market strategy achieve traction and drive value, here are some essentials. Cultural impact is initiated top down but is secured by including internal stakeholders more broadly, to encourage improvements, buy-in and sustainable outcomes.

Employee opinion matters

So much better to have them amplify your brand story.  This will help you adjust your communication strategy to show that you listen and take them seriously.

Employee Consultations & Talent Audits

Essential aid – to enlighten C-Suite led, transformation when informed by these consultations.

Tap – the organization early to secure commitment & participation from key internal stakeholders.

Alignment – ensures a common purpose, shared understanding and intent to secure the value-add this change will bring to the business.

Result – remarkable insights, confirmations, highlight exceptions, add precision to setting direction, people strategy and communication design.

Deliverables – contributes to maximizing revenues, profits and business value.

Design – expert led, confidential, structured conversations, focus on competencies, confidence level, attitudes, aspiration, key performance criteria and verbatims.

Tailored – to reach representative groups of individuals, teams, seniority levels, domain experts, in-house/outsourced functions, internal customers, multi-site & geographies.

Reporting – illuminating and actionable. Detailed responses: blend of self-assessment and points-based evaluation – presented graphically, including thumbnail evaluations.

Delivery – road map for design, presentation of feedback, communication packages to secure commitment and participation.

Presentation framework – how to refine the art of leadership communication, talking points – media skills, executive coaching to identify an authentic style because credibility matters.

In partnership

Working with the Presciant team ensures close collaboration and alignment with client’s plans for brand and business transformation and shareholder value growth.

Above all, successful brands will be those who never undervalue the people who make it possible. Because, with them on-board, the remarkable becomes achievable.


David Lang Levitt is Presciant’s expert on Internal Brand Transformation, ‘Helping clients be on the right side of history’, ‘Learning to thrive on the uncomfortable side of what comes next’, from a lifetime of opportunities and adventures in the world of marketing communication & ideas.

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