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A different kind of branding company

What is Alpha? The financial edge over competitors that every company seeks. We believe that brand has the power to deliver this edge. At Presciant, we work with clients to optimize their brands and activate them to drive future revenue, profit and business value growth.

Branding in M&A     Brand Architecture     Brand Creation     Brand Valuation     Brand Budgets & ROI

Branding in M&A     Brand Architecture
Brand Creation     Brand Valuation
Brand Budgets & ROI

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We find the
right decisions.

Our brand strategy recommendations are data-driven. You can choose the solution which will create the greatest returns for your business.

We work
future back.

We help you shape the brand strategy which will best achieve your future business ambition. and work back from there to fit it into the present.

We make
things happen.

We present recommendations in language that CEOs, CFOs and Boards understand, supported by strong business rationale. They get accepted.



Branding in M&A

M&A is a key moment for branding. Selecting the right brand naming, architecture, positioning and go-to-market strategy can add significant financial value.


Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the external face of the company. Optimizing your brand architecture and product portfolio makes customers more likely to buy from you today, and sets your business up for where you want to go in future.


Brand Creation

There is no sitting still. New brands constantly need to be imagined, existing brands reimagined and positioned to accelerate growth and create enduring business success.


Brand Valuation

Brand valuation can add real value to your business. It should not just be about the “what”—the number. It should also be about the “how”—understanding how brand drives value, and what levers to pull to manage brand better to drive more revenues and profits.


Brand Budgets & ROI

Brand measurement is now more critical than ever. It has moved beyond brand health tracking to incorporate big data and financials. It can be used to set marketing budgets, allocate them across businesses & geographies, and quantify ROI.

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